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Original Handmade Clay Shoe Charms

Original Handmade Clay Shoe Charms

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Handmade clay shoe charms. Each is unique and made with love :-)

These charms are customizable (in terms of altering the colors to your liking). The only charms that are not customizable are Chippit (my cookie dough mascot) and Ferdinand. 

*Please tell me what colors you'd like your charms in the order comments section (on the Cart page) eg. "flower charm - purple flower petals and white centre". *Note unless stated "pastel purple" I will choose the shade for you.

They are perfectly safe to take through the mud and into water :-)
If you need to clean them you can use regular soapy water.

Pro tip: If your shoe charms are tough to pull out, push them from the inside of your shoe at the base of the charm, rather than pulling on the sides of the charm from the outside. Also, running your shoes under hot water (take caution) can help your charms pop out more readily since your shoes will expand when warmed up.

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